POEM: Peckham Flex

Peckham Flex

Car park rooftop 
under a glistening sky 
the air thick with summer and 
our throats wet in ecstasy. 

Resplendent eyes meet 
skin browned in heat 
a once gentle hand touched rough, 
a once smooth face grazed coarse.

Shallow breath
warm on the nape of necks 
Lips part, plump and pale 
speaking salted whispers, the final nail. 

Laced with intent,
the rules we bent 
With black clothes 
and dark humour
razor sharp tongues
Blades of grass drying in the white hot sun.

As our galaxy dwindles. 
the one above blooms 
Our dreams are offerings 
to the darkening sky
palpable silences 
You and I. 

Jack D. Murphy 

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