When Kenzo was confirmed as the most recent H&M designer collaboration, the twittersphere seemed more excitable than usual. While previous collaborations such as Versace, Karl Lagerfeld and last year's Balmain have been a sort of novelty for the brands from the upper realms of the fashion stratosphere to create high street clothing (emulating but of course never quite matching the aesthetic or quality of their own designs) this collab could be one to break the mould. 

Known predominantly for their sweaters, this collaboration has the potential to be just that - a true collaboration - rather than "a luxury brand making H&M clothes" as the others, in my opinion, have always seemed. Kenzo, though at a higher price point, has always featured accessible pieces that people actually want to wear - and this collaboration is sure to be no exception. With clear influences from R'n'B (I see Lil Kim and Nicki in these already) streetwear, and sportswear (which are becoming increasingly similar) Kenzo has a realness to it, it's approachable, and yet still carries the clout and desirability of a premium brand. 

Four looks were revealed today, 3 womenswear and 1 menswear, with a mix of athleisure, outerwear and footwear. Not shying away from their garish kaleidoscopic animal print, the looks are undeniably Kenzo but better still, don't scream "H&M". 

Though very similar, these looks are an interesting tease, and I'm eager to see more. What I find really exciting from this sneak peek is that it doesn't seem like Kenzo will be playing it safe with their menswear. Often designer collaborations will feature intricately designed unusual womenswear pieces and then the most mundane menswear. This however, implies that Kenzo seem to be doing it just as much for the boys as they are for the girls. 

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