REVIEW: Gucci Menswear - Spring 2017

Ever wondered what it would be like if Bryan Fuller and Wes Anderson designed menswear? Me neither, but now, we don't have to! 

In a clear digression from its Brit-punk infused Cruise collection where Britain's melting pot cultured was realised in all its kaleidoscopic splendour, Gucci's Spring 2017 Menswear show was a worldly, multicultural myriad of geek-chic and historic-looking Chinese silks. 
This is no way means it was any less colourful, rich, or any less a bold mix of fabrics, prints and textures. 

In lieu of the bees and snakes showcased in their Cruise collection (those snakes were still present, but to a much lesser extent) were dragons, tigers, lobsters, and even a rabbit - riding a dog. Oh and Donald Duck, because at this point, why not? 

We are as people becoming a better, more well-travelled civilisation and Gucci inspires all of us to see the world and pick n mix influences, nuances and styles along the way. 

The theme of globalisation remained prominent in the Spring 2017 collection, the world is becoming a smaller place each day and becoming almost seasonless. This collection alone showed suits beside silk shorts beside long suede overcoats beside knitted vests.  We saw Japanese art adorn shorts, paisley printed silk, bold pastels, nautical berets, leather jackets, heavy (dare I say it, almost Hawaiian) florals. It was Asian heritage meets European colour blocking meets British aristocracy meets American academia meets global street style. But all of this read as 100% Gucci. 

The two standout looks for me are below. The first a heavily embroidered suede overcoat complete with tattoo-like koi carp details and not forgetting Donald Duck himself. The second look is the leather jacket I am now clinically obsessed with. It looks worn, vintage, but the leaves are so rich with emerald life, a beautiful contradiction. 

All photos courtesy of Vogue Runway 

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