B.I.Y. (Bleach It Yourself)

£30+ for a pair of bleached shorts?! No thank you high street shops! 

Here's my £8 Primark skinny jeans (women's size 10 ) that I cut, ripped, folded and bleached myself! Not rocket science, I know, just thought I'd share it with you guys.

So I started by making an incision with some scissors above the knee, I then ripped all the way around and cut the inseam until the shorts were at my desired length (the ripping was so I could get a jagged, tattered edge, but if you'd rather a smooth hem, then it's quite easy to sew them or you could try to cut them very carefully!)

Then, I stuffed the shorts with newspaper and laid them onto a bin liner - and here's why - you definitely don't want to get bleach all over your floor and you certainly don't want the pattern you make on the front of the shorts to sink through the fabric and mess up the pattern you've made on the back! So the newspaper helps absorb the bleach and keeps both sides of the jeans separate when drying.

Then start gently squirting the bleach onto the shorts. Be strategic about the pattern you're making - don't do too many (or any) horizontal lines as they will widen your hips and thighs! Try to get vertical lines (elongating & slimming) and some messy blotches on there for a really careless and worn look. You can even make some lines heavier and brighter and some a little more faded by putting on more or less bleach. Be careful not to bleach the clothes your wearing and I recommend wearing gloves, if not, just wash your hand thoroughly afterwards!
I messed up a little on the left leg (got a bit carried away) bit kinda looks like a horse rearing up on its hind legs don't you think? Anyway, the good thing is, you can always add to it and change the pattern you make! 
Oh, and the coolest thing is, the colour starts developing immediately! So you can stand there and watch your pattern get brighter and brighter!.......... I need a life, I know.

Before... just in case you didn't know what a pair of jeans looked like.