Thom Browne Men's A/W 12

Ok, so we need to talk about Kevin Thom Browne's collection. The prints, the embellishments, the cuts, the fabrics - I loved it all. I want it all. Impeccably styled with prints that featured dogs, ducks, anchors and safety pins the collection also showcased studs on blazers and tailored trousers which offered a unique and austere view on preppy dressing (teamed with a gimp mask? Why not!)

Cropped shirts, knee high boots and rough, torn hems were paired with fitted dinner jackets, preppy scarves and bow ties - an unusual marriage of hot sex and high society. The overall theme that came to my mind was "Post-apocalyptic boarding school" - and I want in! 

I adored these details on the trousers, whether it be studs, spikes, anchors or all of the above, they all elegantly yet ominously adorned Browne's signature ankle-swinging-length trousers and teased the top of the leather boots.  It's interesting to me to see studs and spikes (which stereotypically make clothes heavy and rather shapeless) being used in a light, structured and almost delicate way.


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