Womenswear as Menswear

Speaking of Vivienne Westwood, watching her Red Label show at London Fashion Weekend, I happened to notice three coats, meant for women, that I would definitely considering wearing. (The last one in particular - need!)

This has spawned a new obsession of mine, to broaden my purchasing horizons (not too sure if that's a good thing, perhaps my horizons are broad enough?) and find masculine womenswear that I could work into my wardrobe. The gender lines have been becoming so blurred over the past decade, and in a non-trannylicious way, I'm enjoying seeing what designers have come up with.

Along with the VW Red Label coats, the image of Lily Donaldson in these Alexander Wang trousers (above) has been engraved into my memory and they have subsequently become a must-have for me this year. Along with a Marios Schwab shirt with belted collar (below). There must be a menswear version of this somewhere!

Perhaps a phone call to Daddy is in order.

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