The Manifesto of Mother Monster

Lady Gaga's music video for her already anthemic single 'Born This Way' has been released and it's a 70s sci-fi rock musical of wonder! Presenting herself as a God of a new race of being, with protruding temples, cheekbones and shoulder blades Gaga looks svelte and lean in her black bikini.

Being created, reminiscent of the Queen with a hundred heads in the movie 'Return To Oz'.

Gaga's famous for the warping of gender barriers and this video is no exception. My favourite look of the video is the Thierry Mugler inspired 'skull' face with long pink hair and a suit with powerful, strong shoulder pads, naturally.

Her last look is an almost outright homage to Madonna. The light on her face, the gap in the teeth, with all the controversy 'Born This Way' for resembling Madonna's hit 'Express Yourself' it is clear that Gaga is still playing the fame game, and eager to get people talking!

This video, quite simply, needs to be a feature length sci-fi musical.

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