Brands You May Have Missed

I've recently gone back to this season's runway shows to see any I may have missed or to check out brands I've never heard of before. First of these brands is by German-born American designer Robert Geller. His menswear debuted at New York Fashion Week three years ago and it seems he gone from strength to strength and is starting to find his voice. I love the shades of deep red used in the above looks and the silky sheen of the shorts (which move amazingly by the way, they flow and bounce and look so effortlessly slung on). The coat in the same deep red is also a favourite item of mine, and definitely a colour I'll be looking for this season.

The leather gilet was also a stand-out piece for me, as was the men's jumpsuit, a daring, risky garment but the Geller shows how it can be worn correctly and stylishly whilst still retaining a masculine edge and not looking like a unitard.

Another interesting detail of the collection was the use of crumpled-effect leather cummerbunds. In a range of colours these add an extra detail and some extra interest to an outfit and is an interesting take on the everyday belt. I would like one in a dark grey please!

Loden Dager (above) was another brand I came across, again it featured a leather gilet which is even more evidence that I should have one in my wardrobe (or more temptation for me to get one at least). I also liked the mixed greens in the look above right, designer Oliver Helden commented that the tailoring this season were in "Ice cream colours" , I assume the look above would be pistachio? I adore the long, well-fitted jacket and the short shorts, and the colour scheme adds and extra unexpected flair to the outfit, I'm all for a coloured blazer.

The final brand I considered worth mentioning was Band of Outsiders. The looks above were my favourites from the Fall 2010 collection. I fell instantly in love with the shearling jacket, complete with an enormous head-encompassing hood...cosy. I also enjoyed the laid-back slouchy feeling I got from the collection. It looked effortlessly cool and unpretentious. It was a new, refreshing take on preppy, college and/or resort wear. Their womenswear is also definitely worth looking at, and although I felt the mens Spring/Summer 2011 collection wasn't quite as good as the collection that preceded it, I predict that this brand's commercial success is imminent.

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iƱaki said...

AWESOME post, J!
I really like the double denim look with the leather cummerbunds. Not sure I could pull it off though!
And I die over Band of Outsiders. Have loved it from day one. Too bad I can't afford it...