Dammit Janice

"Everything about me is fake and I'm perfect"

Janice Dickinson, the world's (self-titled) "First Supermodel". You know, she hasn't always been a screaming, drunken, all-round fabulous mess going around spilling champagne on fashion's aristocracy, telling starving models to lose weight and calling Tyra Banks fat. There was a time (before the botox, the brow lift, the boob job, the boob lift, the jowl removal, the lip injections, the cheek implants, the eye bag removal, the tummy tuck, the fake tan and the veneers) when she was fresh-faced, young, beautiful and well... modelesque!

Can you believe that she once looked like this?

Janice at 19 years-old

"Without gay men, I am nothing."
Janice Dickinson


iƱaki said...

That's not the same person. I had never seen her back in her heyday!


Jack Murphy said...

Me neither... until now!
I'm actually astounded

ein shin said...

She looks like selena gomez and jaslene antm...