Camel Grows Up


By the looks of the latest pictures from Milan Fashion Week it seems that this season's it-colour "camel" will evolve next season and make way for more golden, earthy hues, a deeper and richer nude palette, and hints of (dare I say it?) khaki...


This new colour trend which is set to be hot for spring/summer next year is the chicer, more mature big sister of the camel shades that have graced both the runways and the high street (thank you Zara) this year. With Gucci, Versace, Gianfranco Ferré, Alberta Ferretti and Etro showcasing this colour scheme, it is sure to become unavoidable.

Gianfranco Ferré

From nudes and gold comes the inevitable graduation into the more "khaki" shades of the colour spectrum. As Tim Gunn would muse, this worries me. With khaki comes the whole "camo" aesthetic, multiple shades of dark green and outfits that take the military trend a step too far and have you resembling a legitimate member of the army, or a zookeeper. Not cute.

Alberta Ferretti and Etro

Thankfully Alberta Ferretti veered off that path and edged slightly towards a more yellow tone. Now this interests me. As yellow is possibly the most difficult colour on Earth for a person to wear, this simplifies it, but still doesn't make it an obvious yellow. It's yellow without being too yellow. I think this colour scheme is the complete antithesis to what we (or at least I) were expecting. Other designers please take note that this is the route you should all be taking and then we can all breathe a sigh of relief that "camo" (and God forbid camo print!) is dead a buried.

Grazie Alberta!


iñaki said...

I'm crazy about camel!
And Milan FW has been absolutely insane. Way better than NY and London. I am dying every day. Haha.

Great post, J. x

Jack Murphy said...

Thanks man! Yeah Milano has definitely had the edge, LFW might as well just be the Burberry show really! x