This may come as a surprise to some but until a week or so ago I had never watched an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project. I was aware of Rachel Zoe, who she was and what she did and her celebrity clientele, I even follow her on Twitter but somehow the TV show had completely passed me by. For someone like me, who loves American television, loves fashion and loves reality TV I really don't understand how I've lived so long without this show. It's insightful, glamorous, fast-paced, hilarious and not to mention addictive! It's so LA. Zoe is endearing, knowledgeable and slightly crazy. I love that she isn't afraid to poke fun at herself, which is a breath of fresh air in this industry. Her style director Brad Goreski is also adorable. I love his quirky, preppy style mixed with casual LA-wear. I sometimes find myself looking forward to seeing what he's wearing (along with AusNTM's model mentor Josh Flinn, who's wardrobe this cycle has been oh-so coveted by yours truly).

Needless to say that in a little over a week I've caught up, almost three entire seasons of The Rachel Zoe Project - done. I'm obsessed. I want to work for her. I want her career and her lifestyle.

And am I the only one who finds themselves talking like her for a while after watching an episode? It's awful. I die. Between Zoe and living with a Canadian girl, my already messed up Welsh/English mongrel accent is having a field day!

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