Saturday night and I like the way you move...

Photographed by Inez & Vinoodh.

So if Moschino's A/W campaign featuring Alessandra Ambrosio is anything to go by, 90s tackiness is making a comeback.
As the ultimate 90s child I am both repulsed and freakishly overjoyed. Bring. It. On.
And don't hold back! I want poppers down the sides of sweatpants, I want MC Hammer parachute pants, I want clashing Adidas tracksuits, everything in neon, embroidered jeans, jewellery so gold that it's yellow, I want crop tops and plaid skirts with knee-high socks and platform boots!
Ok, so maybe I don't want any of that. Maybe I'm getting slightly carried away. And I guess the Moschino campaign is slightly more upmarket than all of those things. There are definitely some 90s trends that are best left forgotten (scrunchies). It was a decade that fashion forgot, and it was forgotten for a reason, but for tongue-in-cheek purposes alone, I am welcoming the 90s back with open arms.

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iñaki said...

I just love how they've taken something quintessentially so tacky and turned it into something actually cool and desirable.