Nature's Way

Kristen McMenamy, 90s Supermodel and well-established style icon has never shied away from making a statement. In the mid-90s when she was making an estimated £20,000 a day she
made heads turn with her boyish cropped hair and shaved eyebrows (above).

Almost twenty years on and the 46 year-old mother of three shows no signs of resisting to make statements. Walking for Calvin Klein, appearing in VOGUE UK and Dazed&Confused (above) McMenamy sports long flowing grey locks.

Shunning the industry's obsession with youth, it turns out that instead of looking "old" Kristen appears effortlessly chic and sophisticated. There is an element of elegance to her appearance, she looks distinguished, confident and ethereal.

A living work of art: McMenamy at Viktor & Rolf

Owning the runway at Calvin Klein.

Unashamed of letting nature take its course, Kristen has spoken volumes to all women of a certain age. Throughout her career she has been an icon for those females worldwide who feel that they simply don't fit the mould - why should she stop now?

There's something about grey hair that can make a woman seem more comfortable with herself, more at ease in her skin and more confident than ever. For example -

Oscar winning actress Helen Mirren

Freaky Dye-day: American actress Jamie Lee Curtis

Everybody's favourite fictional editor-in-chief: Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestley in A Devil Wears Prada.

And gentleman, don't dare feel left out! George Clooney may seem too "mature" but there's another George worthy of taking the grey fox throne -

Distinguished gent: 30 year-old British TV Presenter George Lamb



iñaki said...

WOW WOW great post. I want to look like George Lamb. Badly.
And I loved that spread even though I am not the biggest fan of Dazed.


Jack Murphy said...

I like the editorials in Dazed, not crazy about it as a magazine though...
Yes... George Lamb... he's my love! x

Adrian said...

you forgot the ultimate silver fox: anderson cooper! great post! x