My New Interest: Graduate Shows

When it comes to house hunting you always find that procrastinating is seems to take up the majority of your time. In my case this includes reading magazines and watching fashion shows online. I was interested in getting familiar with some recent graduates and was impressed with the level of talent that's out in the world nowadays. Graduate shows are definitely something I'm going to look at more in future. One show that interested me in particular was the graduate collection of 27 year-old Dutch graduate Roya Hesam.

Her collection is revealing and provocative but very feminine and soft. I always admire a designer that can make sultry clothes but maintain elegance and Roya is no exception. Born in Afghanistan, she remarks that the culture she grew up in "Focused a lot on shame" and she wanted to evoke the lack of shame of the female form in her collection

A stand out piece for me was this dark taupe jacket that doubles as a zipped-up leotard. Innovative, fun, sexy, fashion forward, and still wearable.
Snaps for Roya.

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