Galliano's Garden

Creative, inspiring, innovative and picturesque, there aren't many adjectives left in the English language that haven't already been drastically overused to describe John Galliano's work.

His latest Paris couture show for Dior took inspiration from the decadent gardens of Christian Dior's childhood home. Models glided down the runway in vivid tulip skirts, pansy dresses and petal-adorned ball gowns. Their head dresses and hair styling is a particular favourite touch of mine - wrapped in a rainbow of cellophane, models resembled sumptuous upside down bouquets, Galliano's gifts to the show's audience.

In a time of ecological uncertainty, the collection elegantly promoted nature's beauty and how in a material world, and an industry that sometimes relies too heavily on the "man-made", we need to be reminded of how stunning the planet's natural creations are. An ironic eco-message? Perhaps. To-die-for-couture? Most certainly.

Although undoubtedly glamorous, the collection was far too garish for my personal taste. (The four images above are my stand-out looks from the show, but note the amount black - I just can't help it). The collection could have ended up being very "costume". Galliano is famed for his theatricality and his work often does dangerously border on the fine line of costume and couture, but yet again he has successfully managed to remain on the right side of the line... Phew.

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