Last Thursday saw the London launch of British fashion label Aqua's new store just off Carnaby street in Central London which I was thrilled to be invited to.
Overseen by Blow PR, the 2-storey flagship store was bursting at the seams with an enormous audience of guests and a queue around the block which included recording artists, designers, DJs, PRs, journalistis, stylists, and other industry insiders.
With a warm and personable welcome into the store, a champagne reception, portions of traditional fish & chips being handed out, and in-house DJ Lady Lloyd supplying the tuneage, the atmosphere was certainly electric and the staff's energy was seriously contagious. You could really feel the pride, excitement and hard work that had gone in to the launch and the collection itself.

Fish & Chips

London party girl and DJ, Munroe Bergdorf and Myself.

Catching up with Aqua's designer Ryan Holliday- Stevens and Brand Manager Laura Taylor
(wearing a floor-length Aqua creation, of course).

Recording artist Paloma Faith

Celebrity stylist Chris Léger and jewellery designer Dacey Hutton

And now - to the clothes!

A jumpsuit Tyra would be proud to wear.

The collection is a perfect blend of modernity and sophistication. This brand is exciting, fashion forward, beautifully made and yet still very wearable - a hard feat to accomplish when trying to stand out.
Aqua has established itself as a brand to watch and the brand's success is only going to snowball from here on in. I managed to get a sneak peek behind the scenes to look at future designs, mood boards and cuttings made by the designer and I can assure you that there's lots more creativity and innovation to come in the approaching seasons. (I, understandably, got into quite a bit of trouble for taking pictures backstage, but I assured the team that the pictures are for my eyes only - sorry!).
Aqua's ability to remain simple and classic whilst still being progressive and current will ensure it's future success, and it's desirability will only increase as the brand blossoms and continues to grow.

For more information visit -

(Event pictures, courtesy of Rob Low. Pictures of clothes taken by me).


iñaki said...

Dude, seriously, your blog is amazing. I don't know why you didn't start it earlier! Keep it up.


Jack Murphy said...

Thank you so much Iñaki! I really appreciate it, I've been meaning to start it for ages, glad I finally got around to it! x