AIU Graduate Show

This weekend I attended a rather glitzy affair near Regent's Park. It was the American Intercontinental University's Graduate Fashion Show. The venue was stunning, with a welcoming champagne reception and exhibition on up-and-coming local media businesses.

The show, although not ground-breaking, definitely showed promise and innovation from the student designers.

Fatema Al Fardan's models sported an array of metal head pieces and face masks, with heavy draping and flowing material - clearly influenced by Eastern religion and culture.

Other designers that caught my attention were Lulu Vasquez who's collection sprang the terms "Harlequin", "Lady Gaga" and "S&M" to mind.

Amber Simon's collection harked back to old China and the Forbidden city. Her historically inspired garments combined sumptuous antique-looking attire with subtle but modern techniques. It was tradition meets innovation and a very cohesive collection.

The stand-out collection for me however came from Michelle Teckchand. Her modernisation and glamorisation of simple, classic sportswear somehow uplifting. Models were seen carrying gym bags, tennis rackets and walking with their arms adorned with iPods. With plenty of draping, stretchy material and even the odd Adidas style stripes on some garments, teaming your gym clothes with jewellery and heels may soon become de rigueur.

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